Basketball ScoreBoard Deluxe

Basketball ScoreBoard Deluxe 1.0

Basketball ScoreBoard Deluxe is a statistics/game display for Windows

Basketball ScoreBoard Deluxe is a statistics/game display for Windows. Graphically it resembles the displays that you see above the backboard when you watch a basketball game. However, this display has more information on it than a period clock and a shot clock. It displays the period time, the shot clock, the number of team fouls, the scores, the possession and the fouls for all the players. The application provides hotkeys for increasing and decreasing the values.

When the game starts, you hit S so that the period time begins, you also hit T when a team has made possession of the ball. Then, you can simply use the other hotkeys to keep track of the score. Almost everything is done with the keyboard, which makes the application not so straightforward as I would want it to be. In other words, you have to memorize a bunch of hotkeys and you better practice with it if you want to use this during an official game. From the installation of BasketBall ScoreBoard Deluxe onwards, you can see it looks old. However, if you don't mind learning those hotkeys by heart, this can be a useful solution for displaying all the statistics of a game on a big screen for everyone to watch.

José Fernández
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  • You can track most of the game's statistics with it
  • Support for home and away images


  • It looks old
  • Everything is done with hotkeys
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